The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee returned once again to the controversial issue of Bovine TB in cattle and badgers following the surprising decision by Minister Ben Bradshaw to suspend the Government’s trials because of the risk that a further 3 months of culling would cause additional TB breakouts.

The Committee decided to invite both the Minister and Professor John Bourne who is chairman of the Independent Scientific Group in cattle TB who is responsible for the trials to give up-to-date evidence.

Colin Breed, Liberal Democrat MP for South East Cornwall and a member of the committee said,

“It is now agreed by all parties that badgers are clearly involved in the spread of TB amongst cattle, but what remains in doubt is how far they are involved and how we can eliminate the disease.

“The full results from the Krebs trials will not be available for another two years so we must have some interim measures.

“I welcome the Minister’s confirmation that he will be publishing the result of DEFRA’S consultation exercise early in the New Year which will recommend some short-term policy options.”

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